APIs are everywhere, this means there is a huge demand for using them to build new-age applications. The importance of a proper testing process for API shouldn’t change irrespective of internal or external-facing. API testing stresses the testing of business logic, data responses, and performance bottlenecks.

API testing is fundamentally done to identify bugs, deviations, or variations from the expected behavior. API’s add value to any application, testing these APIs will ensure it does what it’s supposed to do. APIs should be tested for their Correctness, Reliability, Scalability, and Performance. As per the testing pyramid, first is the unit test…

Demystifying DevOps

DevOps is a union of the Software development team (developers, testers, designers, etc) and Information Technology Operations team with a common objective of shrinking the Software Development Life cycle and providing high-quality continuous delivery. It helps to shorten the lead time for the fixes and benefits in reducing the failure rate of releases.

With teams growing too large, branching has become an important concept for the developers. Though there are various strategies to do branching of code, Release based branching is a simple and important strategy.

Few pointers for starting with development for a new product are listed below.

  • The Master branch is the starting point for any coding team. The new version branch (v 1.0) is created from the master branch.
  • The whole development team will commit their code to the v1.0 branch.
  • As a best practice, DevOps pipelines/jobs should point to v1.0
  • Once the v1.0 is released to the Production environment…

Rupinderjit batra (RP)

Coder at heart @rpsingh2010

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